Born in 2016 with its own strong values,
Vitamina needs from you positive energy, respect
and passion for what we are doing all together.

Be kind and read the rules before joining.
A good queue is made by 2 people at a time.

DJs need to see people dancing and dancers need to dance free from voices and screams.
On the dancefloor, especially in the first rows, we cannot accept to see people standing and talking without dancing, just staying in front of the dj and wasting all the beautiful energy.
Talking is beautiful, we all have to communicate! However, there is a proper area for almost everything.
On the dancefloor, we all prefer to see dancers communicating through smiles, eyes and body language.
Everybody can talk, but not loud and please not long conversation.
Imagine the dancefloor as a cinema or a theatre.
No screams, no whistles, no sunglasses.
Be elegant and respectful to the music.

Thank You